New Year's event and Student Award 15 January 2009


16u00 Ontvangst in Lounge/Boardroom
16u15 CoreNet Global Benelux: terugblik 2008 en vooruitblik 2009
16u30 Bekendmaking Student Award Winnaar gevolgd door presentatie
17u00 Presentatie en Rondleiding Las Palmas Gebouw
18u15 Borrel


We held our New Year's Reception on the 15th January, 2009 and this was kindly hosted by Cees van der Spek, Corporate Account Manager at OVG Projectontwikkeling BV. The reception was held at their Las Palmas office in the heart of Rotterdam on the Wilhelminakade from which emigrants departed in times gone by. The redevelopment of Las Palmas is a remarkable story and stands as a testimony to the very creative and cooperative approaches of many stakeholders. Today OVG, having redeveloped Las Palmas, are the owner and part occupier of a quite remarkable building combining museums, offices and warehousing. 

The slides associated with this brief, inform on the evenings proceedings; a review of our 2008 events, a look ahead over what is planned for 2009 . The Corenet (university) student award was won by Yvette Ramakers (TU Eindhoven) and the Corenet (post master) student award by Klaas Bosma (ASRE), presentations from them both on their excellent papers, review of the redevelopment of Las Palmas, a tour of the complex and finally a very pleasant reception to allow informal networking. 

Yvette Ramakers' study looked into "Strategic Alignments In The Care Sector" and showed very clearly how a perceive the coupling between an organisation's strategy and its real estate strategies. Klaas Bosma paralleled this and looked into the added value of quantitative analysis to establish the most efficient corporate real estate portfolio. This latter presentation triggered quite a few questions from the 30+ strong audience all inquisitive to how robust this quantitative analysis approach actually was. Klaas made a very convincing case and will without doubt in asked to take his approach further into a commercial product. 

The slides and photos give a good idea of Las Palmas's layout and workplace, unfussy, utilitarian and along very Dutch lines - and without question one would say close to the very best practices advocated by many. 

Many business cards were exchanged and it was a pleasure to witness new links being made amongst attendees as well as ad hoc sharings of practices and benchmarks. 
With such a wonderful New Year's reception the bar has been set high for the quality and content of our other 2009 events. The next of these is scheduled to be in Belgium and Amsterdam in March when we hope we can see and hear how key Belgium companies manage their Real Estate. In Amsterdam we hope to be linking up in a facilitated web-cast with our Connecticut North Chapter in the USA. At that we will be debating what works there and what works here. 

Philip Dietzold - Benelux Chapter Chairman, 20th Jan, 2009

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